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Pammvi is among the few reputed fast growing organizations prepared for capitalizing on the new economy in India. Pammvi has diversified activities and represents global leaders in India for their range of products including industrial hot air blower,

heat shrink gun

, hot air gun, heat gun etc..

Our Heat Gun products :-

Low Cost Heat Shrink Gun HL 1400 S

HL 1400 S Aktion (Economy Model)
Attractively priced starter model with two heat settings for all hot-air applications without reduction nozzles. >> More Info

Low Cost Heat Shrink Gun SV 900

Ultraheat SV 900 (Economy Model)
Sturdy, Durable and Reliable low-cost model, idela for heat shrinking applications. >> More Info

heat shrink gun BHG 360 Li-Ion

Battery Operated Heat Gun 360 Li-Ion
Powerful li-ion rechargeable battery, provides ultimate freedom of movement for hot-air applications. >> More Info

Heat Shrink Gun hg 1750

HG 1750
Specifically optimised for heat-shrinking tubes and sleeves on thick cables.
>> More Info

Heat Shrink Gun hl 2010

HL 2010 E
Microprocessor-controlled, high-end heat gun with three temperature control, LCD display >> More Info

Heat Shrink Gun hl 1910

HL 1910 E
Powerful, electronically controlled hot air gun with three temperature control >> More Irnfo

Our heat gun products :-
:: shrink pack heat gun
:: cable sleeve shrinking heat torch
:: shrink fitting sleeves hot air gun
:: shrink tubing heat gun
:: cable crimping hot air pistol
:: pallet shrinking hot air blower
:: hot gun for shrinking neck of plastic bottle seals
:: shrink fit electric heat gun
:: busbar insulation tubes heat shrink gun
:: shrink wrapping hand-held hot air gun

heat shrink gun

or the

hot air guns


industrial hot air blowers

mostly used for the above mentioned heat shrinking applications are

Heat Gun HL 1400 S

(Low Cost)

Heat Gun SV 900

(Cheap Priced)

Hot Air Blower HG 1750


Heat Shrink Gun HL 1910 E


Heat Torch HL 2010 E

and also the battery operated

Hot Air Gun BHG 360 Li-Ion

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