Hot Air Gun to Heat Shrink PVC

Sleeves on Neck of Bottles
Heat shrink PVC sleeves on neck of bottles

Heat Shrink Cap Seal

are commonly used for

shrinking PVC sleeves

on the neck of Jars, bottles, Mineral Water Bottle, wine bottles, chemical stuff, cosmetics and shrinking bottle labels. Normally the seals are used in conjunction with the auto labelling machine however for manual applications the

thermo hot air blower

is used. Typically the shrink cap seal is available with a tear tab which is manually cut after its application.

Steinel HL 1400S heat guns

are extensively used for these DIY applications. To achieve the best results reflector nozzles in a horizontal position are used for smooth hot air delivery around the diametrical area of the bottle neck.

Heat Shrink Guns (Hot Air Guns) for Heat Shrink PVC Sleeves on Neck of Bottles

Heat Shrink Gun HG 1750Heat Shrink Gun HL 2010 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1910 E Heat Shrink Gun HL 1400 S Heat Shrink Gun UltraHeat SV 900 Heat Shrink Gun BHG 360 Li-Ion

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