Hot Air Gun Heat Shrink Busbar Insulation Sleeves / Tube

Heat shrink guns for shrinking busbar insulation sleeves
The term Heat Shrinkable is applied to extruded or moulded polymeric materials, which are cross linked either by irradiation, or by chemical means, such that when their temperature is raised beyond the normal base polymer crystalline melting point, they do not melt but merely become rubbery.

In this state, if the material is then mechanically expanded and held in this position until the temperature falls below the crystalline melting point. It remains in the expanded state. Subsequent heating in an unconstraint state will then result in the material recovering or shrinking to its original extruded or moulded size and shape" The Electricity Association

To maintain the continuity of the underground cables the need for the reliable jointing systems came into existence. Cable terminations and joints have always been very critical part in the whole distribution system involving underground cables and have often been the causes of failure in the distribution system as well. There has always been a need to improve the reliability of the underground distribution system through newer materials that can withstand stringent operating conditions and installed without a room for errors. We are dealers of Steinel Heat tools & Heat Guns suitable for Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories, Heat shrink Power cable Accessories, Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing System,

Heat Shrink Accessories


There are wide range of cable jointing systems available today, which can be classified by the way they are applied such as taped type, pre-moulded / push-on / slip-on type, cold application type and heat shrinkable type. The selection criterion for an appropriate type of cable jointing system by the user should be dependent on the site conditions, operating parameters, voltage applications and cable types

Steinel offers the HL 1400 S Hot Air Gun

and a variety of hand held hot air blowers used for the shrinking of busbar and switchgear sleeves.

Heat Shrink Guns (Hot Air Guns) for

Heat Shrink Busbar Insulation Sleeves

Heat Shrink Gun HG 1750Heat Shrink Gun HL 2010 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1910 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1400 SHeat Shrink Gun UltraHeat SV 900 Heat Shrink Gun BHG 360 Li-Ion
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