Cable Sleeve Shrinking

Hot Air Gun for Cable Sleeve Shrinking

Steinel's Electronic hot air gun ensure precise temperature and air flow settings for smooth and quick shrinking of thermoplastic shrinkable PVC and Polyolefin cable sleeves for wire harness, cables and wires. For best results use the reflector nozzles with these heat shrink hot air blower. These are commonly used for electric and electronic panel building, automotive, aviation, garage tools, motor workshops, car workshops, automobile workshops, ship building applications.

The electronic heat gun with LCD displays offer the ideal shrinking solution for cable jointing, wire connections and terminations. To ensure even and tight shrink joints use the hot air gun accessories specified by Steinel. Ideally suitable for applications in aerospace, MRO, automation etc.

In the electronics and MRO industries heat guns are often used to make and protect wire connections. This is done by sliding a heat shrink tube of the appropriate diameter over the connection and then shrinking it on using hot air at 350 – 500°F (175 – 250°C) and a reflector nozzle. STEINEL heat guns offer precise, even heat allowing the user to effectively control temperature output and prevent scorching or blistering the tubes and sleeves. The 9mm reducer is recommended for repairs where a smaller diameter shrink tube is being used.

Solder sleeves with an integrated solder ring or crimp connection are available to ensure that a reliable electrical connection is made. They are also available with an adhesive coating on the inside for watertight connections. The 14mm reflector fit solders sleeves well, making it a great choice for this application. Similarly the automotive and aerospace industries use heat shrink and solder sleeves

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