Shrinking Cable For Crimp Connectors

Cable or wire crimping and jointing with heat shrink guns heat shrinking and cable crimp sleeves cable crimp tool Join electrical leads with hot air guns


This is what home mechanics, electronics hobbyists and DIYers have long been waiting for: a cable connecting system that joins electrical leads easily, quickly and reliably. Gone are the days of temperamental makeshift terminal block connections and wires provisionally held together by insulation tape. The new STEINEL shrink tube crimp connector system not only joins together any number of differently sized cables but also provides the connection with waterproof insulation and mechanical stability.

For example, the system can be used for producing perfect cable junctions and cable extensions in motor vehicles.

And it's as easy as this : Fit sleeves over the cable connection, crimp together using the crimping tool and shrink using the Steinel HL 1400S hot air tool ( hot air gun ) – done!

Benefits of STEINEL crimp connectors :

  • Conform to RoHS
  • Shrink 40% faster than polyamide
  • No damage to cables as a result of significantly lower shrink temperature (100°C instead of 170°C for polyamide)
  • Excellent resistance to liquids
  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion
  • Strain relief 35% better than polyamide
  • 100% watertight
  • Minimum shrink temperature 100°C
  • Operating temperature range -55° C to 125° C
  • Shrink ratio 3:1

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