Hot Air Gun for

Heat Shrink Fit Machinery

Heat shrink guns for flameless heat shrink fitting of machinery components

Steinel HL 1400 S

Heat guns
use in the MRO industry is abundant. Paint removal,

loosening seized bolts


fitting metal components

done at temperatures ranging from 900 - 1200°F (485 - 650°C), are examples of applications where heat shrink gun come in handy. In many of the

press fit applications

of the general mechanical engineering and automotive transmission section, components need to be press fitted which can be achieved by the

hot air blower

which is used to expand the orifice allowing the rotor shaft to be lodged inside the expanded cavity. On reaching ambient temperature the cavity shrinks thereby allowing the shaft to fit properly. These applications are also found for ball bearing fitment and other mechanical components.


Heat Shrink Guns

(Hot Air Guns) for Shrink Fit Machinery
Heat Shrink Gun HG 1750Heat Shrink Gun HL 2010 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1910 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1400 SHeat Shrink Gun UltraHeat SV 900 Heat Shrink Gun BHG 360 Li-Ion

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