Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing of PVC and Polyolefin on cables and wires

Steinel Ultraheat SV 900 Hot Air guns are used extensively for PVC and PE shrink tubing which find applications in various industries like transformers, switch gears, motor transformer, thermal protector, cable utilities, cable assembly, wire harness assembly etc. Perfect cable and wire terminal jointing is achieved by the application of heat on shrink tube applied over the wire end terminal joints. Microprocessor based Electronic hot air blower provide consistent air delivery with accurate temperature control for achieving a tight shrink leading to a good connection. It is also used in applications involving consumer goods, electrical applicances etc. For best results use only Steinel nozzles and accessories.

Wire Harnessing

The automotive, electronics and aerospace industries use heat guns in the manufacture of wire harnesses. This is done by placing wire bundles into the appropriate sized tubing and shrinking it down to hold the wires in place. Applying hot air at 350 – 500°F (175 – 250°C) will shrink the tube to the correct size. Precise and consistent temperature is crucial in this process to prevent damage to the wires and to prevent scorching or blistering the shrink tubing. The 75mm and 39mm reflector nozzles are a popular choice for this application because they direct hot air around a larger diameter bundle of wires. Heat guns are also used in wire harness shops to cauterize the ends of wire harness braids.

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