Hot Air Gun for Heat Shrink Wrapping

Heat shrink wrapping of PVC films
The packaging industry uses the

Steinel HL 1400 S heat shrink gun

to touch up shrink wrap on assembly lines, activate adhesives while fabricating foam packing inserts, create gift baskets, and to loosen and remove packaging labels. Typically PVC shrink films are used as the packaging media.
STEINEL offers ergonomically engineered thermo tools for long term comfort as well as the longest lasting heating elements.

Heat Shrink Tools (Hot Air Guns) for Shrink Wrapping

Heat Shrink Gun HG 1750Heat Shrink Gun HL 2010 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1910 EHeat Shrink Gun HL 1400 SHeat Shrink Gun UltraHeat SV 900 Heat Shrink Gun BHG 360 Li-Ion

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